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Liturgy Committee

The Liturgy Committee, under the supervision of the Pastor, is responsible for all of the liturgical functions in the Parish, for the implementation of liturgical norms and practices, and for catechesis in the area of liturgy.  The Liturgy Committee takes a prominent role in all liturgical planning throughout the year, including overseeing and training of Lectors, Sacristans, Eucharistic Ministers, Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick, Altar Servers and Hospitality Ministers, as well as overseeing the liturgical environment of our church.


At each of the daily and Sunday Masses, Lectors proclaim the Word and lead the Community in the Prayer of the Faithful. Typically, there is three Lectors scheduled for each of the Masses. Mike Imfeld is the Coordinator of Lectors.


For each of the daily and Sunday Masses, as well as certain other liturgical celebrations, a Sacristan is scheduled to prepare the church for the services.  The Sacristan is responsible for opening the church, the lighting and sound systems, the sacramentaries and lectionaries, the bread and wine to be consecrated and the related vessels and the vestments to be used in the services. Jess Obal is the Coordinator of Sacristans.

Eucharistic Ministers

At each of the daily and Sunday Masses, Eucharistic Ministers share the Body and Blood of Christ with the members of the Community.  Each of the Eucharistic Ministers has an assigned role and place in distributing the Body or the Blood to the Community.  Typically, there are seven Eucharistic Ministers scheduled for each Mass. Deacon Jaime Abrera is the Coordinator of Eucharistic Ministers.

Eucharistic Ministers To The Sick

A group of the Eucharistic Ministers also act as Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick, visiting, sitting with, praying with and taking the Body of Christ to, members of our Community who are too ill or incapacitated to attend Mass at Church. Father Benny George is the Coordinator of the Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick.

Music Ministry

The music ministry program plays a very important role in the Parish.  Music is integrated with liturgy so that the Assembly is enabled and encouraged to actively participate in the celebration of the Mass.  There are many options available to those who would like to contribute their musical talents at the Parish. Contact Jack Clapper regarding the various musical groups active at each of the liturgies.

Cornerstone | Sunday, 5:00 PM Mass

Cornerstone has been in existence for approximately 20 years. All of the members have a strong spiritual dimension, strong sense of ministry, and a strong sense of community. On top of that, they love music!

Cornerstone provides music for the 5:00 PM Sunday liturgies.  Although the majority of the group’s repertoire consists of contemporary Christian music, the group also performs traditional musical selections, a cappella and Gregorian chant.

Cornerstone rehearses every Thursday evening at 7:30 PM in the Church and warms up prior to Sunday liturgies at 3:30 pm.   The group also holds an annual retreat and semi-annual dinner meetings.   Cornerstone is always looking for new members to share their musical talents.  To join, please come and celebrate at the Sunday evening liturgies or contact Frank Lucero at (818) 506-6084 or Paula Lucero  at (818) 841-6377.

Children’s Choir

The children’s choir preforms at various Masses throughout the year. Please contact Rosie Roope at 818/504-4411 for more information on this ministry.


Hospitality is offered after most Sunday morning Masses and some evening Masses. We have refreshments, a welcome table and most importantly the chance for fellowship with members of our church family. If interested in joining our hospitality ministers please contact  JoDee Geryak at 845-6930 or

Altar Servers

At each of the Sunday Masses, Altar Servers are responsible for assisting the presider during the Mass, including preparing the table at the offertory, conducting the members of the Community bringing the gifts at the offertory, and assisting in providing the presider with the sacramental books during the Mass. Father Benny George is Coordinator of Altar Servers.


At each of the Sunday Masses, Usher Ministers are responsible for greeting people as they arrive for Mass, assisting members of the Community in finding seats prior to Mass, taking up the collection(s), selecting members of the Community to present the gifts at the offertory procession, and distributing the Parish bulletins at the end of Mass. Fred Sinclair is Coordinator of the Ushers.

Bereavement Ministry

The Bereavement Ministry assists families with planning funerals including the vigil, funeral mass and interment. They also serve as representatives of the church community in supporting the family in their time of need. Mary Abrajano and Barbara Trichero are the Coordinators of the Bereavement Ministry. 


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