About Getting Married

We welcome couples to be married at St. Francis Xavier Church whether you are a parishioner of St. Francis Xavier or not. To be married at St. Francis Xavier either the bride or groom need to be Catholic and the wedding date needs to be more than six months from the day you are contacting the Parish Office.

As soon as a couple decides they want to be married in the Catholic Church, contact the Parish Office at 818-504-4400. The Parish Office will take down some initial information and start the process for you. We will also provide contact information for the marriage preparation team and the wedding coordinator.

saint-francis-xavier-weddingsFor marriage preparation, couples will meet with a married couple from our Parish three or four times over the next six months. The married couple will help you gather the necessary paperwork, review the FOCUS questionnaire, and register for a marriage retreat.

For Convalidations (the couple is already civilly married to each other and has now decided to be married in the church) couples will meet with one of our deacons.

The wedding coordinator is available to you throughout your engagement. She will answer questions regarding the ceremony, explain policies of the church, and refer couples to musicians…

Welcome to St. Francis Xavier Church and the first step again is to contact the Parish Office at: